Leo DiCaprio in the wild

Leonardo DiCaprio at Gotha Club in Cannes, France

Wait a minute, isn’t Leo DiCaprio ? Who he just ? Then why is he spittin’ game at a club in Cannes earlier this week? Oh, that’s right. He’s Leo DiCaprio and his girlfriend is a model.

John Mayer probably banged Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Beverly Hills

Raise your hand if you’re shocked that John Mayer cheated on Katy Perry? Okay . . . that makes zero hands. A source tells that John was banging Kelly Monaco pretty much the whole time he was…

Dean McDermott is a dick

Tori Spelling in front of her home in Encino

Dealing with that eventually saw her husband Dean McDermott end up in rehab, Tori Spelling broke down in front of her house over the weekend. And damn, you get a pass, Tori. I can’t even make a joke about this…

Tori Spelling’s husband cheated on her

Tori Spelling’s husband cheated on her

So apparently Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott have an open marriage. Except Tori doesn’t actually know about the arrangement. But Dean is taking full advantage, according to the new issue of :
It wasn’t a very Merry Christmas for Tori and Dean…

Britney’s boyfriend might be cheating

Britney Spears is getting two-timed

I don’t know why Britney’s Jason would cheat on her. Why, it’s every man’s dream to date a 28-year-old with two kids and mental health problems! From Star:
Womanizer Jason has been carrying on a long-term affair with a stunning brunette behind the singer’s back! The…

Justin Timberlake has some ‘splaining to do

Justin Timberlake at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas (3/10) was seen flirting with a few go-go dancers at TAO nightclub last night in Vegas. They even exchanged numbers and were later seen being personally escorted by Justin up to his suite. No harm, right? Um, except he’s still dating . They’re even…