Deena Nicole Cortese

How hot is the new season of Jersey Shore gonna be?

Deena Nicole Cortese arriving back at the Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights

That hot, my friends. That hot.

ALTERNATE HEADLINE: Deena Nicole Cortese is clearly into seconds

Deena is in a bikini again

Bikini Pics /

Deena Nicole Cortese in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Since posting pics of Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese at the beach , I’ve received a barrage of expletive-laden emails (one at last count) from men threatening bodily harm upon me if I don’t post more of Deena’s — and…

Deena Nicole Cortese went to the beach, unfortunately

Bikini Pics /

Deena Nicole Cortese bikini pics!

The Jersey Shore cast is back in Seaside Heights to film the newest season, so you know what that means: drunken antics, and in this case, bikini pics. That’s Deena Nicole Cortese at the beach yesterday. Wow, she has an incredible body. With her low center…

Deena’s doing that thing again with her butt

Deena Nicole Cortese is one classy bro

Much like last month (), Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese was spotted walking around Seaside Heights today in her Ronald Reagan shorts (because the last time she fit into them, Ronald Reagan was President). And much like last month, a little piece of…

Aw yeah baby

Bikini Pics /

Deena Nicole Cortese bikini pics!

Gonna be posting a bunch of bikini pics today from the holiday weekend so I might as well get the hottest ones out of the way first. That’s Deena from Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights on Saturday (sorry for the back-to-back Jersey Shore posts). You know…

Aw yeah baby

Deena Nicole Cortese shopping in Florence

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of Jersey Shore’s Deena and her flabby ass. So here’s some pics of her in Florence last week. Aw yeah baby. So hot. I just hope she doesn’t fuck her body up by joining a gym.

When you got it, flaunt it

Deena Nicole Cortese outside the Jersey Shore house in Florence, Italy

Flynet says Jersey Shore’s Deena exposed “a little too much of her bottom” Monday while filming in Italy on Monday. So, what’s the big deal? Deena’s been working hard, eating lasagna and fettuccine alfredo literally every day to get…

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