Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler likes what he sees

Charlotte McKinney at the grand opening of Encore Players Club at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

Gerard Butler and Charlotte McKinney both attended the Daytona 500 over the weekend so why wouldn’t he get her phone number so he could have sex with her later? Duh. From the

Gerard Butler nailed Rita Ora

Rita Ora on vacation in Miami

So Gerard Butler had sex with Rita Ora last month in West Hollywood. Nice work if you can get it. From :
Rita Ora and Gerard Butler shacked up at a West Hollywood hotel January 17, a source reveals in the new issue…

Get a room . . . and the afternoon links

Gerard Butler and his girlfriend Morgan Brown in Malibu

+ Lea Michele actually looking pretty hot []

+ Leona Lewis is braless (NSFW) [TaxiDriverMovie]
+ Tyra Banks just got fired [The Blemish]
+ Remember when Scarlett Johansson went full nude? (NSFW) []
+ Snooki’s baby was conceived pretty…

Aw yeah, baby

Bikini Pics /
Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown in Malibu

I hate to speculate without proof, but I don’t think Gerard Butler and his girlfriend are waiting until they’re married to consummate their relationship. Call it a wild hunch.

Gerard Butler is still dating that one chick

Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea in Rome

Last October In Touch had a story about how Gerard Butler was with his new girlfriend, Romanian supermodel () Madalina Ghenea. Looks like it really was love because the two are still dating and were spotted together…

Gerard Butler does not want to be bothered

Gerard Butler outside his hotel in South Beach

NOTE TO GERARD BUTLER: When you’re trying to blow off a fan by acting like you’re on an important phone call, you can at least have a real phone in your hand. What a dick.

Gerard Butler wishes he was still humping Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel in Oahu last year

Meant to post this last week, but fuck it, I was on vacation. Viva Europe! Anyways, for some reason, Gerard Butler was humping Jessica Biel last year and then stopped, and now he’s sorta regretting it. Well no shit, Sherlock. I have it on good…

Gerard Butler is in love

Gerard Butler Madalina Ghenea

To be fair to Gerard Butler, if I was waking up next to Madalina Ghenea every morning, I’d be in love, too. From :
In Touch has learned that ladies’ man Gerard Butler is finally ready to settle down with Romanian super model, Madalina Ghenea…

Gerard Butler is doing great

Gerard Butler at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio

Remember when Gerard Butler back in February to kick a booze and pull addiction? Um, he doesn’t. From the National Enquirer:
Gerard Butler has been partying non-stop since leaving rehab, and he’s on the…

Gerard Butler is in rehab

Gerard Butler leaving a nightclub in London

TMZ revealed earlier this morning that Gerard Butler checked into rehab almost a month ago. What a quitter.
Butler’s problems were triggered by the physical demands of shooting “300” in 2006. We’re told the actor began struggling with pain management, and the problem…

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