Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio dating — *shock* — another model

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New model, same ‘ol Leonardo DiCaprio. More…

Leo DiCaprio dumped Nina Agdal and her sweet tooth

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Normally I’d be paging George Clooney, but that idiot got married a two years ago. More…

Leo DiCaprio could totally nail Nichole Galicia

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If you squint your eyes just right, Nichole Galicia almost looks like a blonde, big-boobed supermodel. More…

Leo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal are still together

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Um, Leo DiCaprio, we know what you look like. Stop it. More…

Stop me if you’ve heard this before

Nina Agdal on her way to Le Coucou restaurant in Soho, NY

Leo DiCaprio. Love. Blah blah blah. Settling down. Blah blah blah. Marriage material. Blah blah blah. From the :
Leo DiCaprio’s been surrounded by models during New York Fashion Week, but he only has eyes for…

Leo DiCaprio can’t win ‘em all

Very attractive woman Jaimie Sullivan

BREAKING: Model doesn’t sleep with Leonardo DiCaprio, brags about it to the press. Um, you’re not doing it right. From the National Enquirer:
“Leonardo DiCaprio is always cheesy,” Sports Illustrated model Jaimie Sullivan told [The National Enquirer]. “He’s always at the club. You are like, ‘Aren’t…

Leo DiCaprio flying in style

Leonardo DiCaprio catching a private jet out of St. Tropez

After raising $45 million for “environmental awareness efforts and research for climate change, conservation and preservation” at his annual gala last week, here’s Leo DiCaprio leaving St. Tropez over the weekend. According to Flynet, he left “in style,” utilizing “two…

Leo DiCaprio. Nina Agdal. Private Island. Bahamas.

Nina Agdal in her work clothes

In case you’re wondering what Leo DiCaprios is doing right now, he’s waking up next to Nina Agdal on a private island in the Bahamas. Living the dream. From :
Leo DiCaprio and his latest blond model girlfriend, Nina Agdal, are on a romantic…

Roxy Horner hits the jackpot

Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend Roxy Horner

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before, but Leo DiCaprio is allegedly “smitten” with the latest blonde he’s banging, British model Roxy Horner. He flew to the UK last week on his green jet that runs on smiles, and never left her side. A source…

Leo DiCaprio is a dick

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Paris Agreement For Climate Change Signing at the United Nations in New York

Leonardo DiCaprio is getting a bunch of shit — and rightfully so — for being incredibly tone deaf by taking a private jet from Cannes to New York to accept an environmental award,…

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