Oprah Winfrey

Lindsay Lohan tricked Oprah into giving her a free apartment

Lindsay Lohan’s luxury apartment in New York

Lindsay Lohan is currently living in a $16,800/mo luxury Manhattan apartment — and it’s all being paid for by Oprah. The apartment is part of the $2 million reality show deal Lindsay signed with her back when she was in rehab. A source told…

Lindsay Lohan now says she’s only done cocaine ’10-15 times’

Lindsay Lohan admits cocaine use to Oprah

After in May that she’s “only done [cocaine] maybe four or five times in my life,” Lindsay Lohan upped that figure to “10-15 times” during her much-publicized interview with Oprah last night. Via :
“I really haven’t done it more than…

Oprah one step closer to the poorhouse

Buy high, sell low

Oprah buys house, never moves into it, sells it for $3 million loss. Brilliant. From the Chicago Tribune:
Media giant Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago-area real estate portfolio is a bit lighter these days. On Tuesday, Winfrey finally unloaded her eight-room, 4,607-square-foot Streeterville co-op unit for $2.75 million, closing…

What a heartwarming tale

Oprah Winfrey leaving ABC Kitchen restaurant in Manhattan

I have a feeling this is the kind of heartwarming tale we’ll be passing on for generations to come. It’s that important to world history. It’s. That. Important. Via the San Francisco Chronicle:
Director Tyler Perry showed off his generous side by…

Oprah is really sorry

You’re damn right I just posted a picture of Oprah WInfrey’s cleavage

Oprah Winfrey has apologized for one of her tweets on Sunday which encouraged television viewers with Nielsen boxes to tune in to her network OWN (“Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Neilsen…

Millionaire fight!!!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger leaving Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills

*throws bundled up wad of 100s at each other* . . . From the National Enquirer:
It was Oprah Winfrey who urged Maria [Shriver] to walk!

“Arnold had totally believed he could convince Maria to stay with him, and that she…

Oprah is a huge failure

Oprah leaving Icebergs restaurant in Sydney, Australia

Oprah’s new network OWN ain’t exactly taking off — she’s basically a huge failure. Expect her house to go into foreclosure very soon. From the New York Times:
Oprah Winfrey is finding out just how hard it is to build an out-of-the-way channel into…

This is disturbing on exactly seven different levels

Oh Kirstie, you shouldn’t have!Back in May 2009, in an interview with People magazine, Kirstie Alley revealed that she wanted to do the unthinkable with Jamie Foxx:How’s your dating life going?“I haven’t been having sex. I did have dates, but I think I’m worse than I ever was! I want a booty call with Jamie…

Jessica’s doing Oprah

Jessica Simpson to tell-all on OprahI really hope John Mayer isn’t hoping to win back the housewife demographic anytime soon. His ex Jessica Simpson is doing Oprah. Ohhh, ouch. From In Touch Weekly:An insider close to Oprah Winfrey tells Life & Style that Jessica will tell all very soon on Oprah’s couch in…

Not so shocking news about Oprah

Oprah Winfrey at the gala screening of Precious at the Toronto International Film Festival (9/13) Using the morning to catch up on stuff I wanted to post on Thursday but the [Wild] Turkey prohibited me from doing so. According to the National Enquirer, the real reason Oprah is quitting her talk show in 2011 is…

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