Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell’s girlfriend is noticeable

Lauren Silverman arriving at JTav Clinical Skincare in Manhattan

Did Lauren Silverman get new sunglasses? Or perhaps she’s trying to trick Simon into knocking her up again to guarantee 18 more years of a steady paycheck? Something about her is more noticeable than usual . . .

Sorry about stealing your wife

Simon Cowell arriving on a flight at LAX airport

Simon Cowell is real sorry about being attracted to his good friend Andrew Silverman’s wife Lauren. And then hitting on her. And then kissing her. And then having sex with her. And then impregnating her. And then getting engaged to her.

Almost . . . almost . . .

Lauren Silverman in Miami

I don’t know how the hell Simon Cowell’s baby mama Lauren Silverman didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction earlier this week in Miami. I mean, those are some enormous cans she’s keeping under wraps. She’s like the anti-Britney Spears. Britney could have a wardrobe malfunction in a…

The new Range Rover Ambulance Sport

Simon Cowell’s Range Rover outside Lenox Hill Hospital in New York

You may have heard that Simon Cowell’s girlfriend/fiancee/lover Lauren Silverman had a baby over the weekend; if you haven’t yet, I’m delighted to be the first to tell you that Simon Cowell’s girlfriend/fiancee/lover Lauren Silverman had a baby over…

Simon Cowell enjoying a smoke with his pregnant girlfriend

Simon Cowell leaving Barne’s New York in Beverly Hills

Is cigarette smoke still bad for pregnant women? Okay, just checking. On the bright side, at least Simon’s baby will be skinny. Nothing worse than a fat little baby.

Lauren Silverman says she’s not a gold digger

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman on the set of The X Factor in L.A.

Even though she’s a confirmed gold digger, Simon Cowell’s baby mama Lauren Silverman doesn’t want people to think she’s a gold digger so she’s devised an ingenious plan to actually be photographed with Simon in…

Lauren Silverman is meeting the mom

Simon Cowell leaving a party in London

I guess Simon Cowell is really serious about Lauren Silverman — he’s introducing her to his mom. Awk. Ward. “So you’re the married woman who tricked my son into knocking her up?” A source told Closer magazine:
“Lauren is flying to the UK…

Simon Cowell is dating that married chick he knocked up

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman in St. Tropez

After rumors that he wasn’t, then he was, then , it turns out that Simon Cowell is dating his friend Andrew’s wife , Lauren Silverman. The two were spotted walking around St. Tropez holding hands and . At…

Lauren Silverman is getting a free house

Lauren Silverman leaves Sant Ambroeus restaurant in Southampton, New York

Lauren Silverman’s plan is coming together nicely. First Simon Cowell into impregnating her. And now she’s profiting handsomely in the form of a free Beverly Hills mansion. It’s like the stuff of fairy tales . . . deceiving,…

Did Lauren Silverman trick Simon Cowell into knocking her up?

Lauren Silverman leaving her mom’s home in the Hamptons

According to The Mirror, Simon Cowell only found out that Lauren Silverman was pregnant two weeks after he’d dumped her. And of course, she’s been married to Simon’s friend Andrew this whole time, so it should be…

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